Kmart Tyre & Auto Service website & Intranet

Enterprise Content Management solution for one of Australia’s most trusted brands. 


When service meets function.

With more than 250 retail stores throughout Australia, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service (KTAS) required a flexible Web Content Management System to drive a new national Intranet and consumer facing Internet Site. Zero was selected to build these solutions using the CentricMinds Enterprise CMS platform - chosen for its intuitive web-based authoring environment and powerful suite of form, document and workflow management capabilities. 

A proprietary product of Zero, the CentricMinds Enterprise CMS platform allows multiple website instances to be run from within the one CMS installation, subsequently providing organisations with the following significant benefits;

  • “Multi-site” functionality through a single content and functionality source;
  • Dynamically re-use content across multiple websites
  • Share functionality across multiple websites
  • A single administration source for all content editing and management - saving significant staff training and maintenance time.
  • Shared Support and Hosting costs across multiple websites, providing significant savings. 
  • Zero has applied this functionality for Kmart Tyre & Auto Service (KTAS) allowing it drive a powerful internal Intranet and customer facing consumer website through a single instance of the CentricMinds Enterprise CMS platform.


Zero worked with KTAS to design and implement a corporate Intranet, “Drive Online”, that delivers bulletins, forms, operational content and more.

Zero designed and developed the 'Message Centre', a web-based dashboard delivered via the Intranet, that enables real-time communication between National Office, Regional Managers and individual Store Managers.

Given each store did not have email clients in place, the Message Centre was designed to enable the ability for Regional Managers to send communications to individual stores and groups of stores via the web-based dashboard.

The Message Centre provides KTAS with a top down view of communications across the national operation. Team members are informed they have new messages to review. Regional Managers can monitor statistical data concerning which stores have reviewed and acknowledged specific communications that have been received and read, and what stores have not reviewed communications.

Regional Managers and store teams can review, reply and publish communications via the Message Centre. Regional Managers can view statistics that report on messages that have been read and accepted by store teams, as well as stores that haven’t reviewed and actioned items.