ONLY China - Digital Strategy & UI Design

Digital strategy and cutting-edge brand & online store user interface design for a leading Chinese retail brand.



A Chinese retail icon

We've had the huge honour of working with Bestseller Fashion Group China - a true retail icon, with cutting-edge product for Chinese youth and young adults. With over 5,000 retail stores across mainland China it seriously doesn't get much bigger than this.

After winning the pitch to become the digital agency to produce the new eCommerce website for their flagship female label ONLY - beating some of the biggest global agencies around - we embarked on a detailed digital marketing strategy for the retail brand.

Exactly what did we do?  Read below...

Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy focused on both powerfully marketing the brand through digital channels in China, as well as developing a strategy for best practice eCommerce and Brand design integration within a single website solution. No standard shopping carts here - this is online brand and commerce experience at its most engaging.

Chinese social media integration

Chinese social media is unique, with it's people connecting ands engaging in different ways to that of people in the Western world. Hence our digital strategy fully embraced Chinese social channels with a deep understanding and connection with how the Chinese engage online.


Retail store integration

The connection between "bricks & mortar" and online stores is vital globally for all retailers, and our digital strategy focused on key models for enhancing this connection and the customer experience to deliver a powerful and cohesive brand experience at all key touch points, driven by digital.

Brand positioning statement

Our strategy work led us to assisting our client define the key characteristics of their brand in a succinct brand positioning statement that is assisting this major organisation align and focus its large team in their work.

case study

eCommerce business requirements specification

Our technical leads worked closely with our client's eCommerce management team to develop a comprehensive business requirements specification. This "war and peace" size document covered all the business requirements the website development needed to cover, and involved thorough analysis of our client's operations including site visits to retails stores, IT and Internet suppliers, and inventory factories in China.

It's not everyday you get a brief focused purely on designing a 'world's best practice' cutting-edge online brand solution.

Technology platform & local systems integrator selection consultancy

Developing a solution this large and pivotal to a massive organisation meant it required the most robust and scalable eCommerce platform available that would work seamlessly within China. So we assisted our client work carefully examine all the leading technology platforms against their detailed business requirements, selecting the best platform for their current and future needs.

Selecting the right technology is only part of the puzzle. We then assisted our client select a leading systems integrator within China to ensure the technical solution can be implemented to their exact needs within the Chinese market.

Site + application wire-framing

Based on our detailed "Business requirements specification" we designed extensive wire-frames for all of the site templates and functional applications.

This process involved thorough research of Chinese web user habits and preferences, combined with deep retail eCommerce modelling to ensure a functional solution was developed that was right for the Chinese market and was focused on delivering a world's best practice eCommerce solution.

case study

Brand experience & User-interface design

Closely entwined with the wire-framing process, was the major task of designing the graphical user interface for the website solution.

It's not everyday you get a brief focused purely on designing a 'world's best practice', cutting-edge online brand solution for a truly innovative, modern retail brand. So we grabbed this opportunity with both hands, and sent our senior creative team to Beijing to complete one of the most inspiring digital design projects going.

Sure, we literally didn't see our Creative Director for 2 months, but it was worth it!