Stratco eCommerce Retail Website

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CentricMinds worked with Stratco Australia to design and implement an advanced eCommerce website that delivers outstanding brand and user experience, providing Stratco with a comprehensive and essential online business solution.


The success of the Stratco eCommerce website is a perfect combination of the integration of CentricMinds eCommerce platform with our premium implementation services. This has resulted in a seamless integration of advanced eCommerce functionality and website user interface design, with brand and user experience central to project goals.

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User experience focus

The implementation services began with premium user interface design via responsive design templates to present strong brand presence and positioning for Stratco. Multiple, detailed website templates were designed to deliver an outstanding user experience that was tailored for the diversity of Stratco's content.

Key eCommerce website templates included bespoke Stratco manufactured and lifestyle focused products as well as traditional hardware product based templates. These were combined with a range of flexible website templates to suit all types of marketing content.

Product advertising banner management

Strong product advertising banner management features were integrated within each template design allowing Stratco the ability to powerfully promote products and key information dynamically throughout the website.

Product listing templates

Product listing templates allow Stratco to display lists of context relevant products throughout the website. The template designs include feature imagery, pricing and the ability to instantly add the product to a shopping cart. 

In-context Authoring Environment

In-context Authoring Environment allows Stratco the ability to easily create and publish content as it appears and is presented to the front-end audience. This enhances user experience through immediate and initiative presentation of the authoring and live website environments.

Intuitive WYSIWYG Authoring  further enhances the in-context authoring environment where content authoring is performed through rich in browser functionality. 

Deep metadata management

Deep metadata management allows Stratco the ability to tag and manage product information to powerfully categorise and display product information throughout the website.

Member management

Member management features allow website users the ability to:

  • Register to the website
  • Have their profile information automatically connect with the site once logged in, which provides benefits such as pre-population of shopping cart details, allowing fast tracking through the shopping process.

Geo-location of nearest store

Dynamic detection of nearest store location was an important feature integration which ensured the website matched Stratco’s retail business model. With locations across the breadth of Australia and New Zealand, different regions stock variations of product with price deviation.

Dynamic, region based product information

Accordingly the website provides the ability to automatically detect the viewers location and provide the option to select that store as the basis of website product information. Related product details and pricing is then presented to the viewer to ensure accuracy of information.

eCommerce management

The CentricMinds eCommerce functionality provides Stratco with comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality as well as extensive customisation to meet their unique business needs.

Commerce Repositories

CentricMinds provides a set of dedicated Commerce Repository for the administration / management of eCommerce functionality. These include:

  • Product Lines
    A grouping or categorization of individual Products, e.g. Hardware Products, Home Improvement etc.
  • Products
    Individual Products, e.g. Makita Power Drill.
  • Buyers
    End users who interact with the site e.g. users who have created an account and may have purchased a Product through the Shopping Cart.
  • Shipping
    Defines Shipping rules with associated Shipping costs. These are used as part of the Shopping Cart Checkout process.
  • Orders
    When end users purchase something through the Shopping Cart, an individual Order is created and managed via this Repository.
  • Reports
    Reporting on sales by products – presented in a chart and available for download as a spread sheet of data.
  • Email
    Ability to configure the presentation of automated emails sent by the CMS throughout the shopping cart process e.g. Order completion email with invoice.

Product Management

CentricMinds provides a model of managing products via Product Lines and their associated Products. This provides the ability to define various attributes at the Product Line level which is applied across all associated products. These attributes include:

Name and product details

  • Standard information across all products e.g. title, description, thumbnail image etc.
  • Extended information facilitated through metadata; as designated via the chosen Product Line.

Product management via Metadata 

  • Ability to utilise metadata to define key product configuration details and options for both display and purchasing requirements (including location availability, price variation and colour options).
  • Ability to designate stock on hand levels based on a combination of the available products options.
  • Ability to create and choose metadata elements that form the basis of extended information that can be defined against associated products – this provides the flexibility of choosing what data is stored against each given type of product.
  • When managing multiple front-end sites the administrator can designate which sites the product will be available on.

Presentation options

  • Includes the ability to define different layout templates and assign multiple product images, including product page and cart imagery.

Security permissions and Buyer Requirement

  • Ability to designate which users have ‘view’ permissions to a product and thus will have access to, and can purchase, the product.
  • Ability to dictate if the user must register an account to purchase associated products.

Message Management

  • Ability to manage what additional message content are presented to the user with-in their order invoice when purchasing associated products.

Email Sender

  • Ability to configure the email address from what confirmation emails are sent when purchasing associated products.


Manufactured Products

The CentricMinds website provides advanced functionality around Stratco’s manufactured products, which commonly require custom quotes to suit bespoke customer needs. The Manufactured Product functionality supports product length and colour variations in the online ordering process, allowing customers to purchase customised product to meet their building needs.

Freight Management

CentricMinds provides Stratco with full support to designate the weight and dimensions of a product, which is then used to calculate shipping prices.  Authors have the ability to designate default weight / dimensions for products and also advanced weight / dimension rules (namely the ability to choose a combination of options and set the weight / dimensions for this combination of options).

Freight management is further enhanced through ability to calculate freight costs based on purchasers address via state / zone.

Stock Management

The CentricMinds website dynamically connects to internal Stratco systems to allow up-to-date product stick information throughout the website. Products that fall below designated levels are then dynamically removed from sale on the website (yet are still visible to the public so they are aware of the product).

Order Status

The CentricMinds platform creates a work order within the primary database following every online sale. Viewable within the CentricMinds administration console, each work order contains the following order statuses:

  • Draft (initial order logged but user has not paid yet).
  • Paid (order finalised and user has paid).
  • Submitted (Order header created and a Works Order is about to be created).
  • Processed (Works Order is assigned).


Advanced Search

CentricMinds has been configured to provide an advanced search experience for users on the Stratco website where result information is presented in real time as users type in their search query.

Search information is also broken down into content categories providing a strong user experience to direct viewers to relevant content immediately.

Click and Collect (pick-up in store)

CentricMinds eCommerce supports the ability for purchasers to choose a store to collect their order (at no shipping cost). This functionality is further enhanced with metadata features that allow Stratco to define which products are available for “Click and Collect” and also which products are only available for either delivery or in-store collection (e.g. hazardous/flammable goods).

New Zealand website variation

CentricMinds “multi-site” function has allowed Stratco to generate a dedicated version of the website for its New Zealand operation, operated from within the single CentricMinds server instance. This website is a direct copy of the main Australian website (containing all website functionality) yet provides Stratco with the ability define unique content and products for sale relevant to the New Zealand market.

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