Wesfarmers Intranet development

Enterprise Content Management solution for one of Australia’s largest publicly listed companies. 



Faced with an existing Intranet platform that proved to be expensive to extend and limited in its flexibility, Wesfarmers sought a new Intranet solution that would meet their evolving business requirements.

Wesfarmers selected the CentricMinds Enterprise Web Content Management solution for its out of the box functionality, integrated search and for the integrated Forms and Workflow management environment.

Zero worked closely with Wesfarmers to undertake an extensive migration effort from the existing SharePoint solution to the CentricMinds WCMS solution. Zero also configured out of the box functionality to meet existing functions such as National Job Board, Staff Directory and Policies directory.

The CentricMinds Enterprise WCMS was implemented to manage both the Wesi Intranet site, as well as the Wese Extranet portal which is accessed by Wesfarmers employees across businesses such as Target, Bunnings and Officeworks.

"Importantly, Zero demonstrated a significant cost saving for Wesfarmers through the adoption of the CentricMinds WCMS over the incumbent product."