INTRANET Developers Adelaide

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Intranet development & software expertise

Zero has implemented successful Intranet's for some of Australia's largest companies, working with them to develop their Intranet Strategies.

Our experience covers ten years in working with organisations, both large and small, covering every industry vertical, to scope and design Intranet solutions (using our product, the CentricMinds Enterprise Web Content Management platform) that foster information sharing, discovery and collaboration.

Local experience

Working from our historical one hundred year old building located in Chesser Street in the heart of Adelaide, our creative and technical services team have worked with many South Australian organisations to design and implement successful Intranet solutions.

Zero has successfully partnered with clients in Adelaide including South Australia Police, the Country Fire Service of South Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre and many more.

Our open, consultative and collaborative approach to developing Intranets with our clients commences with an on-site workshop. We set the goals and then listen to what are the key drivers for the new Intranet. Our experience spans more than ten years in developing Intranets for small, medium and large organisations.

Screenshots of the Zero developed Intranets, showcasing the master UI templates available within the CentricMinds CMS.


Australian Vintage Intranet and Document Management System.

Recently Zero worked with Australian Vintage to deploy an Intranet and Document Management System based on the CentricMinds CMS.

The CentricMinds Intranet solution provides granular metadata management capabilities. Organisations can setup metadata based on existing information hierarchies that exist within the organization. This enables the importing of documents and the association of relevant metadata fast and efficient. 

The Zero team based in Adelaide complement any Intranet project and bring a wealth of experience across project management, user interface design, best practice Intranet user experience, content auditing and content migration and the CentricMinds CMS platform used by hundreds of organisations throughout Australia. 

Header image photo credit: Ikhwan Zailani