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Intranet development & software expertise

Zero has implemented successful Intranet's for some of Australia's largest companies, working with them to develop their Intranet Strategies.

Our experience covers ten years in working with organisations, both large and small, covering every industry vertical, to scope and design Intranet solutions (using our product, the CentricMinds Enterprise Web Content Management platform) that foster information sharing, discovery and collaboration.

Local experience

From our modern offices located in vibrant South Melbourne, we have partnered with some of Australia’s largest organisations to successfully deliver tailored Intranet sites developed using the CentricMinds CMS.

Following our proven Intranet Project methodology, Zero comes into an organization and quickly identifies the requirements that will be required to meet specific project expectations. We then develop a suitable Intranet project plan that ensures the Intranet can be successfully delivered based on the resourcing commitments of the client. 

Screenshots of the Zero developed Intranets, showcasing the master UI templates available within the CentricMinds CMS.


Intranet for Financial Ombudsman Service.

Zero worked with the Financial Ombudsman Service in Melbourne to develop a new corporate Intranet using the CentricMinds CMS.

The CentricMinds CMS provides integration with third party enterprise applications covering HR, Payroll, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management applications. The CentricMinds CMS also supports integrations with enterprise search platforms such as the Google Search Appliance.

Zero has implemented the CentricMinds CMS with many third party applications to enable our clients to access and view data from within the Intranet.


Header image photo credit: Franklin Heijnen