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Intranet development & software expertise

Zero has implemented successful Intranet's for some of Australia's largest companies, working with them to develop their Intranet Strategies.

Our experience covers ten years in working with organisations, both large and small, covering every industry vertical, to scope and design Intranet solutions (using our product, the CentricMinds Enterprise Web Content Management platform) that foster information sharing, discovery and collaboration.

Local experience

Zero partnered with Kmart Tyre & Auto Service in Sydney to plan and develop the Australian and New Zealand corporate Intranet developed using the CentricMinds CMS.

Staff can quickly locate content through performing searches within web content and documents, collaborate using CentricMinds’ own twitter for the enterprise and build powerful form solutions with drag and drop ease.

We partner with small and medium organisations as well as large enterprises to plan and deliver Intranets that successfully match and exceed on staff expectations.

Screenshots of the Zero developed Intranets, showcasing the master UI templates available within the CentricMinds CMS.


The CentricMinds CMS:
Enterprise level content & document management.

The CentricMinds CMS is a product that has been in active development for more than ten years. With several hundred Intranet deployments across every industry vertical, our customers select the platform for its intuitive and easy to use interface, its rich functionality that comes out of the box, and its ability to be quickly configured and customized to meet specific organizational requirements.

The CentricMinds Intranet solution provides extensive out of the box functionality that enables most organizations to deploy a tailor made Intranet in a few short weeks.

Some of our largest Intranet sites delivered on the CentricMinds CMS cover industries including Higher Education, Legal, Financial Services as well as Manufacturing.

Our clients have launched easy to use and functionality rich Intranet solutions that provide integration with Windows and Mac Desktops, integration with Microsoft Office and Active Directory and also support for the Google Search Appliance. 

The CentricMinds Intranet is also available as a Cloud based offering and has been since 2009. Our Intranet solution has been chosen by small, medium and large organisations to manage simple Intranets through to highly sophisticated Intranets.

Zero can also deploy the CentricMinds Intranet solution to an Amazon Web Services environment of your choice.


Header image photo credit: NAPARAZZI