CentricMinds CMS

Enterprise content management system chosen by some of Australia’s largest organisations.


CentricMinds CMS


The CentricMinds Enterprise Web Content Management System (WCMS) has been chosen by some of Australia’s largest organisations. It offers a full range of powerful content and document management tools for successfully managing single and multi-site environments. As a Java based web application, CentricMinds supports a variety of databases and application servers and is in production use across multiple OS environments.


Typically organisations have selected the CentricMinds Enterprise WCMS for its core strengths, namely:

  • Web Content Management
  • Intranet Management
  • Document Management
  • Web Application Portal
  • Multi-site Management

With a rich and diverse customer base including some of Australia’s largest publicly listed companies, as well as State and Federal Government agencies, CentricMinds has become a trusted platform for Internet, Intranet and Document Management delivery.

The CentricMinds Advantage

With over 10 years of software product development, the CentricMinds CMS has been refined through user feedback and responding to market demand. Following are key aspects of the offering.

Non-technical User Interface

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG authoring and management. Designed by business users for business users.
  • In-context authoring environment. Authors create and publish content as it is presented to the end audience.
  • Drag and drop Form Building and Workflow creation.

Administrator Simplicity

  • Straight forward server installation.
  • Built-in security model based on Users, Groups and Roles.
  • 100% web-based CMS configuration tool.
  • LDAP integration supporting Microsoft Active Directory & OpenLDAP.

Advanced Search

  • Index Web Content and Documents including highlighting, category browsing and more.
  • Based on the Apache Lucene Search project for J2EE.
  • Verity Search support.
  • Google Search Appliance (GSA) integration.

Java Based

  • Deploy CentricMinds Enterprise Java with Apache Tomcat, Glassfish or BEA WebLogic.
  • Manage content and documents using either Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or an Oracle database.
  • Scale CentricMinds Enterprise Java from a single server to a web farm.

Document Management

CentricMinds provides a dedicated File / Media Management environment. This includes support for all file types, with extensive native support for all MS Office, MS Outlook and PDF documents. 

Read more about the CentricMinds Document Management features.

MS Office Integration

The CentricMinds CMS provides integration with Microsoft Office (2003, 2007 and 2010 all supported). Authors are provided with the ability to open and author Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents published within the Document Repository, straight from their desktop.

Authors no longer need to download, edit, save and then re-upload their documents. CentricMinds also supports integration with Microsoft Outlook for the saving of email communication as documents within the Document Management environment.

Workflow Management

CentricMinds provides a powerful Form Building environment that can be linked to the Workflow Management environment. Administrators can easily setup bespoke Document Management based workflow processes.

Form Management

CentricMinds provides a powerful and flexible Form Building environment. It enables non-technical users to create their own forms using a flexible ‘drag and drop’ form builder.


CentricMinds provides a powerful database independent search which is included with the CMS. The search engine provides full file / media indexing and web content searching, indexing all documents and other textual content to deliver fast and accurate retrieval of information. Faceted searching presents results based on their associated metadata category. 

eCommerce & Secure Payments

CentricMinds has extensive e-commerce experience ranging from native integration with a number of our own products, to implementing ad-hoc solutions. 


The CentricMinds CMS provides tools to enable organisations to manage their own collaborative strategies. Blogging, Discussion Forums and Chat (our own version of Twitter for the Enterprise) enables organisations to setup and manage both public and secure environments, invite users and follow them. CentricMinds also supports integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


The CentricMinds CMS provides language management and multi-lingual authoring support. This provides the ability for content (pages, text, files and media) to be managed in a base language (e.g. English) and then authoring in alternate languages (e.g. French, Spanish and Russian).  The end user has the ability to choose a language and the site automatically will display the correct content (defaulting to showing English equivalents if a certain content items haven’t been translated yet).

The CentricMinds CMS multi-lingual support is also SEO friendly (creating pages with translated friendly URLs and unique translated metadata etc.).

Read more about the CentricMinds platform at centricminds.com