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Documattic DMS

Imagine your very own secure, cloud-based Document Management System.

Documattic is significant. Millions of us store content with services like Dropbox. And why wouldn’t we. It’s free & easy to use across a web browser and apps on our mobile devices.

But how many organizations are wary of storing their data in foreign data servers? Millions of us.

Documattic is a cloud-based service that works across your web browser and provides native iOS and Android apps.

Best of all, Documattic can run on your own secure sever.

That's significant.

ND Documattic screens

Imagine YOUR OWN version of Dropbox

Documattic enables anyone to securely manage documents across the web and mobile devices.

Documattic was designed to enable any organization to deploy an easy-to-use, cost effective web & mobile based document management solution that can be managed securely within your own secure cloud. We believe in privacy and data sovereignty, and Documattic allows anyone to deploy and manage their own document cloud.


Download the Documattic app.

Available on iOS & Android.

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