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A powerful Intranet alternative with social collaboration.

Get rid of your boring, cumbersome Intranet and kickstart your team collaboration with Stream.


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Reinventing the way business teams work



Stream is an enterprise social network designed for enabling teams to run and manage a collaborative environment based on the principles of social networking.

Powerfully collaborate with team members through the creation and management of Project Workspaces, Intranet or Client Extranet from any device.

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Social Collaboration


Stream connects staff and business associates powerfully through social collaboration. Manage projects and documents across small and large teams.

Transform your cloud or on-premise storage into a social collaboration environment and manage projects and documents across small and large teams with a platform designed to engage your team.

The Stream dashboard provides an aggregated view of all-content being published by other users in the Stream. You can post to the entire company or choose to publish content only to specific groups. The Buzz is like Twitter for the enterprise. You can reply to comments posted to the Buzz by other team members, and choose to follow users as well.


Stream Document Management

Document Management



Share, secure and manage versioning across your documents stored in either Dropbox or on your own infrastructure (Cloud or on-premise supported).


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Page Management



Create structured site navigation within Stream and author HTML pages like any wiki or CMS web page via direct in browser content editing through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) authoring tools.


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User Profiles



Stream profiles work a lot like LinkedIn profiles. Users can manage their profiles, decide who to connect with (and who to accept connection invitations from), create groups and invite users into these groups, view what you have liked within Stream, and more.


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