May 14, 2013 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Social Media

LinkedIn update Privacy Policy and User Agreement, and what the changes REALLY mean

Today, LinkedIn have released an update of their Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

Whilst they notified this was happening three days ago, that orange box at the top of the window when you sign in? Yeah, that’s what this is about.

We dare say, since the Instagram outrage following policy changes and use of photos, people will probably be paying particular attention to further changes across their repertoire of social platforms.

While of course we always strongly recommend to review the official documentation via the LinkedIn Privacy Policy page before deciding to use any of these platforms for yourself, or on behalf of a business, here are the changes summarised in non-fluff jargon, so you can break it down to your homies on convo. “They” is referring to LinkedIn:

  • The changes have been made today, Tuesday 13 May 2013. Should you happen to disagree to anything outlined in their policies, then deactivate your account now. If you use LinkedIn at all, you agree to everything they say. Abide my pretties!
  • They now refer to us as “members” (instead of “users”) to ensure consistency across all their legal documents. Hey – I feel right at home now.
  • You MUST use your real name. Don’t misrepresent yourself. Some people use company names for a personal / profile account. This is now not approved.
  • If you use LinkedIn for escort or other adult services, this is now banned. Back to the newspaper perhaps.
  • They no longer do refunds, and they no longer accept every payment type. Dollar signs in their eyes much?
  • Decisions to close or transfer a group or company page are at their own discretion.
  • Street address of LinkedIn is now listed as their Ireland Limited address. Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!
  • Some headings have been changed to apply more broadly.
  • Some wording has been changed to simplify the whole document, including some information on payments and fees. Pay yo’ bills essentially.
  • Links have been included to their other help sections.
  • They have now provided some more examples on applications that are available.
  • They can use your feedback in anyway they wish. They don’t have to ask for it either.
  • They have clarified their use of the term “operators” is for third parties only.
  • LinkedIn disclaimers, limitation and liabilities now apply to suppliers as well.
  • They have provided notice of LinkedIn’s intellectual property rights.

Pickin up what we’re putting down?

So be sure to read the fine print, and digest all the changes even if you think you understand the above.

We are sure for a lot of you, this will not affect your use of the platform.

Happy networking!

May 14, 2013 |  Posted in: Digital Strategy, Social Media