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New Adelaide Festival Centre website launches

Zero has been strategically working with the Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC) for over 2 years, assisting the AFC bring its digital solutions up to the forefront of modern, advanced business solutions.

We are now very proud to be able to showcase the new Adelaide Festival Centre website, which has just launched.

Our work has focused on both the BASS and new AFC websites and has included:

AFC website user experience and interface design

For the new AFC website we completely redesigned the user interface to ensure it presented the organisation in a manner reflective of its stature, branding, and enormous offering.  A key facet of our strategic recommendations where to present the AFC as “One”, eliminating 5 separate websites into a cohesive, single website that presents to the public the complete offering of the AFC.

Our work included:

  • Functional specification.
  • Wire-frames.
  • Front-end user interface graphic design.
  • Front-end HTML/CSS template development.
  • Technical consultancy.

Digital marketing & technology strategy

The AFC has a large internal digital team, however this team needed professional consultancy on developing the right digital marketing and technological strategy to ensure their solutions met their requirements both now and into the future.

Hence our initial work focused on developing both high level, then deep, tactical digital strategies to provide the AFC with:

  • Plan of how they can best reach and serve their clientele.
  • Plan for ensuring they are able to promote their artistic offering in the most engaging and powerful manner.
  • Plan of how they can make the most of their facilities and location and communicate their offering in a much more powerful manner to the South Australian community.
  • Integrate and utilize their establish technical solutions to achieve the most from these solutions.
  • Best utilize their staff resources to enable efficiencies and greater delivery of information.

Digital service steam project management

To assist the AFC make the most of its internal resources, we assigned one of our senior project managers to become a dedicated resource to the AFC, with this person undertaking the project management of the entire internal AFC digital services staff. This approach ensured the AFC had commercial focused delivery on all its digital projects, with expert, up to date consultancy.

Adelaide Festival Centre website design


April 10, 2014 |  Posted in: Client News, Digital Strategy, Mobile, Social Media, Web Development