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Social statistics study; Breaking Bad

Blog Content - Breaking Bad

The rumours are true.

Some of us here at Zero watch Breaking Bad.

Well, maybe all of us. 

So with the idea of mixing work with play, we’ve gathered a selection of research and stats from articles (thanks SocialGuide and Mashable), and some fossicking of information of our own (Trends map above).

Here are just some of the stats we’ve been able to gather (all in good fun of course):


  • When the show aired in the US hit 22,373 Tweets per minute

  • The three days before the finale aired over 287,000 Tweets were made about the show

  • Bryan Cranston’s (the actor who plays the main character) farewell Tweet was retweeted over 50,000 times

  • Overall Twitter has generated a total of 1.24 million Tweets


  • The finale saw 5.5 million interactions from 3 million people

  • The season 5 saw 28.5 million interactions from 14 million people 

  • 500,000 illegal downloads of the show have occurred (tsk tsk tsk)


  • Streams of a song in the final episode by Badfinger called “Baby Blue” (from 1976) has increased 9,000% 

What measurements or digital media monitoring have you seen in place for brands?

Have you noticed any wild social media statistics of late (that don’t involve Miley Cyrus)? 

October 1, 2013 |  Posted in: Social Media, What's Trending