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Stream. Collaboration redefined.

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We're at the intersection of great change when it comes to how we work.

Cloud technology is decentralising data and documents, removing previous access limitations.  More of us are working remotely, using collaborative tools to interact with our teams and peers.  At the same time, social media has become a standard way of life.

Stream, created by Zero, is a revolutionary product redefining the way teams interact.  Harnessing the power of The Cloud, recognising the reality of remote working and embracing users familiarity of social platforms, we combined them into a cohesive solutions platform for organisations of all sizes.  Using these principles, Stream democratizes the way work gets done. It aggregates content management and social into a new type of work flow that brings visibility to how teams work and deliver on tasks.

We had a firm understanding of what the end goals were for Stream. This provided us clarity in crafting a user experience that would not only feel common for users familiar with social media, but an environment that aims to solve what’s broken with how we communicate and collaborate on getting work done today.

Stream leverages one of the most influential content management tools in recent years, Dropbox. More of us are choosing Dropbox for both simple and complex content sharing and project collaboration tasks. Stream connects seamlessly to your Dropbox environment and delivers a personalized social workspace around your Dropbox content. Stream enables you and your teams to create, prioritize and manage projects directly from your Desktop, Tablet and Phone. 

Stream was designed to enable anyone, whether an individual or large enterprise, to add social context to the way projects run, content is managed and how knowledge is retained within your organization.


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March 27, 2014 |  Posted in: Apps, Intranet, Mobile, Social Media, Thought Leadership